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flames_LogoAmerican Indian Development Associates, LLC (AIDA) is a comprehensive resource for tribal, state, & federal agencies, service providers, and community members seeking information related to tribal justice, victimization, health/wellness, and community development issues in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

AIDA is a highly credible, Indian owned small business that focuses on the provision of professional services to Indian governments and communities. AIDA contracts directly with tribes as well as state, federal, private and non-profit agencies. The firm maintains a strong reputation built upon meeting client needs and expectations utilizing a client focused agenda for service delivery.

AIDA uses its staff and a pool of recognized experts and practitioners to design the most effective methods and strategies to address each client's goals and objectives.

  • Social Justice Research
  • Health and Wellness Research
  • Community Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Program Evaluation
  • Tribal Justice Systems
  • Child Victimization and Advocacy Systems
Capacity_Building   T_TA
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Program Development
  • Community Mobilization
  • Team Building
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Logic Models/Grant Reporting
  • Community Profiles
  • Facilitation
  • Information Management
  • Grant and Proposal Writing
justice_systems   health_wellness
  • Indigenous Justice
  • Tribal Court Systems
  • Juvenile Justice Systems
  • Prevention and Intervention Programs
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Reentry Programs
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Community Health Profiles
  • Media Advocacy
  • Tribal Youth Mentoring


New: National Baseline Study examining Violence Against American Indian and Alaskan Native Women living in tribal communities is underway

: Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans

New:Experiences with Incorporating Culture into Tribal Green Reentry Programs

: Stories of Change Among Justice-Involved American Indian Youth

Considerations For Developing A
Program of Reentry in Tribal Communities

New: Stories of Change Among Justice-
Involved American Indian Youth

Early Implementation Experiences
of OJJDP's Tribal Green Reentry Programs

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