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The AIDA mission is to build the capacity of communities to address crime, delinquency, violence and victimization issues and problems by assisting local, tribal, state and federal governments to develop comprehensive, system-wide responses to these problems.

Our overall goal is to provide training, technical assistance, research and evaluation to governments and communities by building upon the strengths of their institutions, culture and their knowledge, skills, and abilities. By building on these strengths, we expand our role beyond technical assistance providers, researchers and trainers, to facilitators of a process of development controlled by the Indian nations and/or local community.

A secondary goal is to assist governmental and non-governmental agencies in promoting and developing culturally appropriate and effective solutions for local problems through focused training, technical assistance, research and/or evaluation.

AIDA believes that in order to effectively serve the needs of staff and volunteers, promote justice and facilitate the health and well being of individuals and communities, a broad-based, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach is needed.






















Mission & Goals

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