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American Indian Development Associates (AIDA) provides professional services to support Indian tribes, federal and state agencies and community groups. AIDA enjoys national recognition in providing:

  • Large and small group facilitation; including
  • Design and implementation of consultation meetings between tribes and state and federal agencies;
  • Program design, planning, development and implementation strategies;
  • Conference, education and training design, implementation for practitioners, administrators and policy makers;
  • Design and implementation of community based strategies for social justice, health, education, and welfare programs;
  • Training in a variety of topics related to justice, law enforcement, health, education, and welfare programs;
  • Tribal and/or community based needs assessments and program evaluation;
  • Research on important economic, education, justice, law and order issues affecting Indian people, Indian nations and communities; and
  • Design of intergrated justice information systems.

A primary focus of AIDA activities is research guided program development for tribal law and order and community-based systems and programs. As the organization has grown over the last 18 years, its ability to provide the adjunct and co-requisite services, which many tribal, state and federal governments and agencies require has expanded. AIDA works locally and nationally with tribes, state and federal agencies and other private and non-profit agencies on issues affecting children, youth and families.

The AIDA staff make numerous presentations for national, regional, and local conferences on a regular basis, often as a public service to tribal governments. AIDA staff participates on task forces, focus group meetings, and working groups at the local, state, and national level on children, youth, and family issues. Advocacy activities include preparation of testimony for local and national hearings on national, state, and local legislation affecting Indian children, youth and families, and organizing public hearings, and drafting legislation


AIDA accomplishes its mission and goals through an outstanding core of professional and support staff who are enrolled members of their respective tribes. Many AIDA associates assist us in providing the many services requested of the firm by governmental and non-governmental agencies and communities nationwide.

AIDA employs a professional staff and consultants with expertise in criminal and juvenile justice, law, research, public health, education, public policy and administration, program development and evaluation, and government capacity building skills.























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