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AIDA staff and consultants provide training and technical assistance in support of local, tribal, state and federal agencies including community-based organizations and private and non-profit organizations in a variety of areas. Training design includes training needs assessments, planning and development, curriculum design and development, preparation of training manuals and materials, training evaluation, and site logistics planning and preparation. We conduct local, statewide, regional and national training programs and web-based trainings for distance learning and offer continuing education units or legal education units as needed.

AIDA provides training in the following areas:

  • Juvenile justice and delinquency prevention
  • Early intervention and secondary prevention strategies
  • Prevention of underage drinking
  • Media advocacy to address underage drinking
  • Violence prevention,
  • Child welfare,
  • Court management
  • Probation in tribal communities
  • Information technology,
  • Developing integrated justice systems for tribal communities
  • Tribal code development
  • Indigenous and restorative justice,
  • Cultural competency
  • Developing effective intergovernmental agreement
  • Public policy development
  • Working effectively with Indian nations
  • Conducting culturally relevant research
  • Conducting needs assessments in Indian communities
  • Strategic planning,
  • Developing measurable goals and objectives
  • Data management
  • Program evaluation
  • Resource development and grant writing
  • Sustainability strategies for tribal programs


Strategic Planning

This technical assistance focuses on developing a framework for turning ideas into programs that have clear and measurable goals, objectives, activities and tasks. Hands on activities include strategies to assist clients with skills to develop an overall evaluable program:

•  Define their project(s)

•  Develop clear problem statements, goals and objectives

•  Identify appropriate target audiences for their program or project

•  Prepare strategic delivery and implementation plans

•  Generate appropriate tasks and activities

•  Layout timelines for service delivery and/or products

•  Implement measures to track progress

•  Conduct resource analysis

Lectures and power point presentations are use to instruct on the fundamentals of each segment. Hands on group activities provide an opportunity for clients to apply the skills they are learning to their project. This technical assistance targets program administrators and management staff to help them convey the fundamental components of their programs to their staff, superiors and community stakeholders or targets.


Needs Assessments
The purpose of Needs Assessment Technical Assistance is to identify trends, needs and gaps, along with strengths in programs and the community served. This aids in specifying areas needing to be addressed and may be used by Indian Nations in their pursuit of funding for existing or new programs and/or for system enhancements. AIDA provides training on needs assessments as well as services to conduct them. The needs assessment technical assistance and data collection includes conference call, telephone interviews, and onsite visits.


Continued funding is often the measure of sustainability, but it is not just about finding more money. Sustainability includes many factors such as establishing collaborative and advocacy relationships with other agencies and programs, providing a specific service that is needed and not provided by others, identifying multiple funding sources, and having the program perceived as a community resource. It also is based on the program being part of an ever changing and evolving community system, which means that a program may not continue intact. Sustainability is best achieved through program development that includes a long-term focus, provides for ongoing program evaluation, has and follows consistent policies, produces reliable data and has tribal leadership and community interest and support. AIDA provides technical assistance to design methods, approaches and strategies to design a culturally relevant and appropriate plan to sustain your program over the long-term.























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