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Tribal Site Information

The Tribal Victim Specialist Internship (TVSI) program is seeking tribal host sites located in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Texas. The TVSI tribes participating in the program are instrumental in passing on knowledge, providing sound advice and experience that can lead to student's greater success in school and increased interest in careers related to tribal victim advocacy.

As the victim services field rapidly grows so does the need for knowledgeable and skilled individuals to provide services to victims of crime. Tribal communities face unique challenges. Tribal Victim Services Programs (TVSP) often operate at a disadvantage from mainstream programs due to varying levels of capacity, resources and varying degrees of access to training and technological resources.

The TVSI internship opportunity seeks to benefit potential students, the hosting tribal victim service program and the tribal community as a whole. The TVSI program will identify TVSP program needs and gaps. The needs assessment will be used to provide training to students as well as tribal program staff so they can apply relevant knowledge, skills and abilities throughout the internship at participating work sites, while also gaining important experience.

The TVSI is flexible and will be tailored to meet the needs of participating TVSP programs and the student interns. Students will receive a stipend throughout the internship to support their travel related costs to the work site, as well as other living expenses.

Tribal Responsibilities

As a tribal victim service program participating in the TVSI program, the tribe should be prepared to host an intern. The tribal victim service program will be responsible for:





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